Trophée Mille France Edition #10


Reims 1920-1930. The fire of creation

From May 18 to November 10, 2019, this exhibition focuses on the power of the arts in the history of the city of Reims, at the time of its reconstruction, after the disasters of the Great War. With about fifty pieces belonging to the Musée Le Vergeur, the Carnegie Library and, essentially, the Musée des…

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Regalia, the emotion of consecration at Reims

Regalia, an immersive and multimedia experience From november 22nd 2019 to january 5th 2020   In the first place, Reims has hosted 33 kings during its history! This incredible heritage ! It is still present through a group of listed buildings, the Notre-Dame cathedral, the Saint-Remi basilica and the Tau palace… They all have been elevated…

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Experience Pommery #14 // Underground Spirit

The Pommery’s house of champagne in Reims invites you to live a unique experience, the 14th of the name, until december 15, 2019. “The underground is a territory of fantasy. We stealthily advance as the unexpected threatens and attracts at the same time. It is a no-go-zone whose augmented reality is haunted by chimeras, magma…

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