Reims Christmas market 2019

From November 22 to December 29, 2019

The Christmas market in Reims

From november 22 to december 29

For the third year in a row, the 145 chalets of the christmas market will reinvest the forecourt of the Cathedral and the one of the “Palais du Tau”. Again this year they will propose to the public gastronomic products, festive or crafts, for some which will be local and typical. Gradually install since november 4, the chalets will rejoice the public from the openning of the christmas market. It will open on november 22 at 6pm and close on december 29.

At nightfall, the Cathedral facade will dress its lights and invite you to discover the show : Regalia. 

Therefore, a musical ambience will welcome the visitors on the Cathedral’s forecourt. A few steps from there, the craftsmen village (18 chalets) and its italian christmas crib will animate the forecourt of the “Plais du Tau”.

The children’s kingdom

The animations planned in their “kingdom”, within the “Palais du Tau” forecourt, will illuminate their eyes. Especially “Nounoursland”, a show of interactive controllers to discover inside the enchanted palace. A magical and fairy universe for both children and adults. Finally, the christmas skating rink will be present inside the forecourt of the “Palais du Tau”. The access is reserved to the children up to 12 years old.

The great wheel

Obviously unavoidable, the great wheel and its 36 closed, warmed and soundproof cabins are back on the “Place d’Erlon”, from november 9 to january 5, 2020 . Its 50 meters of hights will offer during the day an impregnable view of the city and the vineyards close by. The tour last eight minutes including a few rounds.


Cathedral’s forecourt, “Place d’Erlon”, “Palais du Tau”


Children’s kingdom : 2pm – 7pm, monday, tuesday, thursday and friday.

Santa Claus’s Chalet : Until december 24.

The skating rink : 2pm – 7pm from monday to friday and 11am to 1 pm and then 2pm to 7 pm during the holidays.


Enjoy this fairy and festive period to discover our exceptional stays which can be elaborated around the christmas market !

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