“Paper street vapor” Keith Hutchinson

K Hutchinson Paper Street Vapor

Exhibition / Contemporary Art

From May 22 to June 30, 2020



First of all, the universe of Keith Hutchinson goes from the golden age of Hollywood, western spaghetti, to the mythical figures of Clint Eastwood to blaxploitation.

It is then, that by means of posters and recycled materials, paintings, he makes feel an energy which emerges from these characters. In addition, the laceration presents and therefore reveals colors and words corresponding to the subjects. Finally, the vapors that emanate from street posters and research are part of his journey as a street artist.


The Artist Keith Hutchinson

So I call myself “hutchinson” from Le Havre, I started graffiti and street art in the 90s. Over time, thanks to my son and an anecdote, I entered the world of the poster of movie. This is how we were able to test different techniques and thus overexpose materials.

In addition, coming from street art and influenced by cinema, vintage pop culture as well as by the works of Villeglé and my friend Alain Louiset, it is quite naturally that I went into the art of collage and ‘assembly.


The place

Studio Pastel
6 rue de écu
51100 Reims


Dates and times

From 22-05-2020 to 30-06-2020
Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.


The tariff



Useful information

Free access: Yes
Disabled access: Yes
Family: Yes



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