Our rooted friends, Faux de Verzy and other remarkable trees of our regions

From november 8th, 2019 to march 3rd, 2020

nos amis enracinés

Our rooted friends, “Faux de Verzy” and other remarkable trees of our regions

Exhibition / Photography

From november 8th, 2019 to march 3rd, 2020


Photographs by Norbert Bardin

Norbert Bardin has been photographing rooted Trees and Landscapes since his beginnings in photography, but in recent years he has wished to magnify these plant sculptures … His artistic approach consists in revealing the particularity of each one of them, to enter in symbiosis with his “leafy brothers”.
After a long career break following an accident, the contact with nature and more specifically the Tree allowed him to relax through solitary wanderings in our natural settings.
Attracted by the symbolism of the trees, he saw them not as foreign beings but as storytellers from the mists of time …

The trees communicate with each other, defend each other, protect each other … From time immemorial, the trees shelter the dreams of humanity and he tries to penetrate the mysteries, to hear what they tell him, they who have seen passing many civilizations … Young shoots or multi-centenarians, they are the jewels of our cultural heritage: they deserve to be respected, protected and pampered like our most beautiful monuments …
The ecological and environmental problem has fortunately become today a major concern. If oaks, beeches, maples, hornbeams, birch, linden, walnut, chestnut, chestnut, apple, plum, cherry … accompany our walks in the land of La Fontaine, there are more than 60 000 species in the world: our duty is to guarantee their preservation!


Full price : 8 €
Reduced price : € 6.50
Under 18 (in family and out of school groups)
18-25 years old (European Union nationals and non-European regular residents on the territory of the European Union)
1st Sunday of the month of November to March
Disabled person and his companion,
Jobseeker, on presentation of a certificate of less than 6 months, beneficiaries RMI, RSA, social assistance


Tau Palace : “Palais du Tau”
2 place du Cardinal Luçon
51100 Reims

Useful Informations

From november 8th, 2019 to march 3rd, 2020

Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 17:30

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