Experience Pommery #14 // Underground Spirit

Until 15 December 2019

The Pommery’s house of champagne in Reims invites you to live a unique experience, the 14th of the name, until december 15, 2019.

“The underground is a territory of fantasy. We stealthily advance as the unexpected threatens and attracts at the same time. It is a no-go-zone whose augmented reality is haunted by chimeras, magma heat, snakes with three heads, shamanic rituals, mysteries, convulsive beauties and electric veins.

In these mysterious places where the champagne ferments and where the humidity gnaws the chalk walls and patina as a table in constant evolution, we find sensations that evoke those that permeate the caves where art was born during prehistory, those which characterize the crossings in the Catacombs or mushroom farms, or the electrical and technical atmosphere of the metro tunnels. So many territories that have always fascinated artists and creation, from the appearance of cave paintings to the appearance of graffiti and alternative festivals. Then the exhibition The underground spirit offers a physical and mental diving in the margins of creation and territories by bringing together twenty artists from different practices and generations, whose works – paintings, sculptures, installations, video , music … – become part of the place, challenge or reveal it, inviting the public to take an interest in the works as much as in their underground context !

Until 15 December 2019

Champagne Vranken Pommery
5 place du General Gouraud
51100 Reims
+33 (0)

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